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Water is Life.

Using our most important raw material competently.


It's time to revisit something we've known for a long time.

Water has physical, chemical, electrical, and optical properties. These include surface tension, density, thermal conductivity, and many others.

These properties can be adjusted by processes in nature or in the laboratory.

This changes the way water reacts to substances and organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Science has known about these possibilities for a long time. Nevertheless, only a fraction of it is used to maintain our health, the successful development of our industry and the global protection of our resources.

The Institute of Water and Health has set itself the goal of exploring this potential and designing products that protect the future of our planet and its living beings.

Economy and Science united.

As part of the Institutes of Water and Health, we develop hydrological products that are more efficient, more stable and often significantly more profitable than toxic disinfectants.In this way, we enable economists worldwide to switch to environmentally friendly technologies without endangering their existence.


In 2008, the scientists in the IWH network succeeded in redesigning the properties of pure water in such a way that it can be used completely equally and in many areas even more effectively than toxic chemicals. And that without polluting the environment or destroying the natural protective layer of human skin. 

Image by Enrico Mantegazza
Weiß, Gemüse, Zusammensetzung

Healthy Food Production

Natural and hygienic - is that even possible? It goes without saying: IWH products for agriculture keep animals and crops healthy and fit and naturally contribute to generating high yields and high-quality food. The animals utilize the feed better and thus have a higher weight gain with a better nutrient balance. The products do not contain any dangerous chemicals, only water, natural salts and the know-how from our many years of research.

Human Health

Products developed by IWH to keep people healthy are free of side effects, completely biodegradable, inexpensive and effective. They score with their wide range of applications and ease of use. A special feature of the products from our research is that they do not result in the development of resistance, as is known from working with various antibiotics, for example.



Innovation and excellence through new production methods.

The scientists, economists and partners at IWH  are the originators and sponsors of numerous innovations and hold patents in a wide variety of disciplines.


In addition, one of the guiding principles of the IWH is to face all professional committees and to obtain certificates that go beyond the obligation. Not just those prescribed by law.

Because our ultimate goal is the development of practical, functional technologies.

Female doctor in the hospital

Allgemeines Krankenhaus Wien

University Hospital of the City of Vienna

The renowned AKH, where the doctor Prof. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiß, who founded medical hygiene in the middle of the 19th century, uses IWH products to disinfect his entire facility, including the operating theaters and the surgical instruments.

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