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Spa Pool

Natural disinfection from pure water.

In cooperation with experienced hoteliers, we have developed three reliable, natural and health-promoting disinfection solutions in order to completely avoid the use of toxic disinfectants in the hotel industry.


In the rooms, in the gastronomy and in the wellness area.

So close. 

Real wood, stone, marble: open-pored materials in which bacteria and fungal cultures can develop. Linen, silk, cotton, cashmere: fine textiles that touch the skin of many people.


And right in the middle a guest who has developed a new awareness of hygiene at the latest with Corona.

Luxuriöses Hotelzimmer

surface disinfection


AreaPura©700 can be used on any surface without leaving any residue and naturally eliminates all types of bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses.


It consists of pure water, is gentle on the skin, sensitive materials and precious metals.

fogging in the room


VentoPuro©700 reliably and completely naturally eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses. It turns into pure water vapor in the distributor and ensures an excellent room climate during disinfection.

The natural solution against fungi, bacteria and viruses.

At the Institute of Water and Health laboratories, we adjust the properties of pure water to make it effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.  No toxic additives, no artificial chemicals. No magic - just pure physics. 


Perfect for disinfecting the entire hotel, pool and wellness area.

Image by HUUM
Image by HUUM
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