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A completely new standard.

Hardly any other industry is under such strict scrutiny when it comes to hygiene issues as the food industry. The chosen standard has a high impact on the production committees, the health of the employees and, last but not least, the reputation of the company. Many examples in recent years have shown that synthetic and often even highly toxic disinfectants are not given enough consideration here. 

Good and bad 

The 100% natural disinfection solutions from the IWH laboratories reliably eliminate harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.  The redox voltage is adjusted so that it simply eliminates coated (harmful) germs and protects “good” bacteria. In this way, we ensure an outstanding standard of hygiene and avoid using toxic disinfectants with absolutely no loss.

On the contrary: Hydrological technologies create completely new possibilities.


Professional disinfection


ProjectPur©740 was developed specifically for the hygienization of processing and packaging operations in food production. It hygienizes production lines, machines and containers without having to interrupt production. ProjectPur©740 reliably and completely naturally eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses and is ideal for biological and ecological production. The goods themselves can be treated directly with ProjectPur©750 by dipping or spraying. The concentrate can also be distributed using a vaporizer, ensuring a high standard of hygiene and a proven healthy indoor climate throughout the entire production and storage hall.

Bier probieren
“We go directly to the producers and develop the perfect hygiene concept.From the analysis of raw materials to storage and transport routes.
In this way, we stabilize the quality of the products and automatically ensure better sales through less waste. Totally natural."
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individual solutions

Hygiene concepts

The IWH's biologists, hydrologists and food technicians create individual hygiene concepts for producers and retailers. We accompany you from concept to implementation and support you economically in obtaining the highest international eco and organic seals.

  • Inventory analysis

  • Optimization of current measures

  • Quality improvement and optimization of products

  • Reducing operating costs (including energy costs)

  • Accompanied transition to  sustainable technologies

Do you have any questions about our  Hygiene concepts for food and beverage production companies?
Please feel free to contact our laboratory personally. 

Super fresh market.

The big discounters - indicators of the really big trends - also want plasticAvoid ic and toxic disinfection. Withthe patent product ProjectPur©740 This is now possible everywhere: applied directly to the product or misted in the room, fresh produce lasts much longer - and healthier than with any other method.

Image by henry perks
Fresh produce

Significantly higher durability

ProjectPur©740 eliminates all types of bacteria, fungi and viruses. This means that fresh products - such as fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and baked goods - last much longer. Plastic packaging can be completely eliminated and the products can be presented more attractively.

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