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We are not the last generation.

We are one of the first.

Science and a strong economy have the power to preserve the world for us humans. Let's use them.


Located in Bavaria - at home all over the world.

The IWH, based in Rosenheim, Bavaria, is located in one of the most natural and economically strongest regions in the world. From here we inspire courageous scientists and visionary entrepreneurs internationally for the possibilities of alternative hydrological products. 


Project Baywa

BayWa AG had significant problems with pigeon droppings in vacant buildings in its portfolio. They should be demolished in order to realize new projects here. Unfortunately, due to the long period of vacancy, the buildings were covered in centimeters thick with pigeon droppings and pigeon carcasses. Due to the extremely high effort that conventional disposal with chlorine, for example, would have entailed, the project was repeatedly postponed, which further worsened the problem for years. 

Direct demolition of the buildings was definitely out of the question due to the toxic properties of pigeon droppings and the associated classification of the entire demolition as hazardous waste

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