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From science to practice.

Here you can order and try out all products and solutions from IWH directly. By using IWH products, you protect the environment and your health with reliable, constant or better results.

Image by Christian Holzinger
"We always start with the practical problem. The users tell us about their daily challenges. We translate that into the language of hydrology. And build tailor-made solutions."
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Certificates and Awards


IWH seal

At the heart of science.

In the service of man.

In the spirit of nature.

The three  seals of quality from the Institute of Water and Health distinguish the disinfection products and the hygiene standard of a company as particularly sustainable and AAA certified organic. 

All companies that use IWH products use CO2-neutral disinfection.

All products, especially the products for food production and health, contain the highest seal of quality for sustainable production and maximum compatibility between humans and animals.

All products are Co2 neutral, fully recyclable and do not pollute groundwater. On the contrary: Your use can significantly reduce the load on our resources compared to the alternatives.

All products are internationally recognized as organic and contain all legally required certificates to classify the farm accordingly.

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